Please note
Room rates, availability of weekly rates, and conditions upon length of stay vary somewhat season by season.

During the Marlboro Music Festival (in July and August)
  • Week-long reservations receive first consideration
  • Weekend reservations must be for 3 nights, and are priced at an elevated daily rate, based upon a minimum one-week stay.

During holidays such as Christmas, New Year's and on Columbus Day, President's Day and winter ski weekends, room rates may be based on a minimum two- or three-night stay.
Daily Lodging
Rooms for One Person
 private bath$55 - $80
 shared hall bath$40 - $60
Rooms for Two People
 private bath$90 - $110
 shared hall bath$65 - $75
Apartments (private bath)
 bedroom, kitchen$95 - $110
 bedroom, kitchen, sitting room$100 - $125
Each additional person in a room
 children (2-14)$5 - $15
 Dinners (prix fixe)$25 - $35

A service charge of 15% may be added to room and/or meal charges. Vermont state tax is 9%

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